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Prof. Dr. Aftab Ahmad Anjum


DVM (UAF), M.Sc. Hons. (UAF), Ph.D. (UAF)

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Prof. Dr. Aftab Ahmad Anjum (HEC approved supervisor for PhD), is Professor, Institute of Microbiology, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan and holds DVM, M.Sc. (Hons.) and Ph.D. in Veterinary Microbiology. He worked as Veterinary Officer, L&DD, Punjab, Team member, Study on Drought in Cholistan, Bahawalpur Rural Development Project (BRDP), Bahawalpur. In 2006, He joined University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore as assistant Professor. His areas of Specialization are Molecular Biology, Virology, Bacteriology and Mycology. Prof. Aftab is Principal Officer, Transport, UVAS, Lahore. He is also serving as Chairman, Sports Board, UVAS, Lahore. Under his leadership, UVAS has got distinctions at National and International level in sports. Due to his personnel interest and encouragement of the students, Director Sports, HEC, Pakistan recognized UVAS as role model for all Pakistani Universities. Prof. Aftab was member of organizing committee and resource person for around 25 national and internal conferences and workshops. He is also member of Selection Board of different Universities and institutes. Prof. Aftab has published about 100 research papers in peer reviewed journals. Prof. Aftab is reviewer of different peer reviewed journals and Secretary, Editorial board, Pakistan Journal of Science. Prof. Aftab worked as Secretary, Board of Studies, Institute of Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore. As secretary, He was part of the core group to design course work for four years degree program B.S. (Hons.) Applied Microbiology started in 2007. He is also member of committee for revision of DVM degree course work in Pakistan. So far, he has produced around 20 postgraduate students under his supervision and around 100 as member of supervisory committee. He is also Co-supervisor of many students at different Universities of Lahore. He is member, Postgraduate Synopsis Committee, Faculty of Bio-Sciences, UVAS, Lahore. Prof. Aftab is also member of committee for the evaluation of internship of DVM and B.S. (Hons.) Applied Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore. He is Chairman, Memento committee for B.S. (Hons.) Applied Microbiology.

Area of Interest



Sr. # Period Title Place & Organizer
From To
1 1998 International Seminar on Microbial Diseases of Livestock and Poultry College of Veterinary Sciences, Lahore
2 2006 Practical Veterinary Epidemiology UVAS, Lahore
3 2007 Staff Development Course HEC and NAHE


2007 Case Teaching Methodology HEC
5 2009 Environmental sampling British Council, WWF


2009 6th Asian Buffalo Congress Asian Buffalo Association
7 2009 Lecture on Centrifugation for post graduate students in student Orientation Programme UVAS, Lahore
8 2010 Construction of a Standard MCQ UVAS, Lahore
9 2010 National biotechnology exhibition and seminar UVAS, Lahore
10 2011 Latest techniques for conservation of Animal genetic resources in Pakistan UVAS, Lahore
11 2011 National seminar and workshop on Environmental Toxicology and Health UVAS, Lahore
12 2011 Molecular diagnostics UVAS, Lahore
13 2011 National seminar on “The awareness & current status of rabies” UVAS, Lahore
14 2011 National awareness workshop on improving Bio-safety and Bio-security at Veterinary laboratories in Pakistan Ministry of food & Agriculture Islamabad.
15 2012 International conference on Toxicology UVAS, Lahore
16 2012 Current approaches for the diagnosis and control of Avian Mycoplasmas UVAS, Lahore

Workshops Organized

Sr. # Period Title Place & Organizer
From To
1 03-13 Aug, 2009 Preparation & Evaluation of Foot & Mouth Disease Vaccine Institute of Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore
2 07-10 Sep, 2009 Sero-diagnosis of Animal Microbial Disease Institute of Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore
3 31 May – 04 Jun, 2010
12-15 Jul, 2010
Propagation of Newcastle Disease Virus in Chicken embryos & Molecular Characterization of Its Immunogenic Protein Using SDS – PAGE Institute of Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore


05-01 Jul, 2010 Hygienic Monitoring of Food & Food Products Institute of Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore
5 01-05 Mar, 2011
07-09 Mar, 2011
10-12 Mar, 2011
Isolation & Molecular Characterization of Shiga Toxin Producing E. Coli O157 Institute of Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore


11-13 Aug, 2011 Application of SDS – PAGE for Molecular Characterization of Pasteurella multocida Institute of Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore
7 17-20 Sep, 2012 Techniques in Isolation & Identification of Bacteria Institute of Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore
8 10-13 Sep, 2012 Poly Acrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE) for microbial Characterization Institute of Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore
9 28-29 Sep, 2012 Use of Endnote Software in Article and Thesis Writing Institute of Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore
10 16-20 Sep, 2013 Basic Laboratory Techniques in Microbiology Institute of Microbiology, UVAS, Lahore
11 4-8 Aug, 2014 Immunity and Immunogensis Institute of Microbiology and UDL, UVAS, Lahore
12 11-13 Aug, 2014 Protein profiling of Mycoplasma gallisepticum using SDS PAGE Institute of Microbiology and UDL, UVAS, Lahore